Home- & House - Service

More needs around your home?

Are you not all the time available to take care of your house?

Do you want somebody to take a weekly, professional look inside and outside ...
Our service staff is just a call away! We visit your property once a week and take a serious look about everything what is going on - Inside and Outside. With our checklist we take care that nothing will be missed during the visual inspection.
Ready and right after the visit we provide you with this report via e-mail!

No more worriesabout what could possibly happen when you are not aware!

What is included?

  • Visual leak and mold check - Inside & Outside
  • Pool- and Landscaping Monitoring
  • Check of proper running A/C, Applicances, Water-Heater
  • Visual check of Screens, Windows, Doors and Garage
  • Running of faucets, dishwasher and disposal every month
  • Remove of Newspapers, Flyers etc. from sight