Are you are looking for a healthy maintainted pool?

Did you ever ask your pool guy about his education ...
Our service staff is CPO-licensed! A certified Pool- & Spa-Operator is, by law, alowed to service public pools. This might be the only reference for you that you can believe in a really healthy water quality.
If you believe your pool service company does already a good job, it might be good to know if he really knows what to do to provide you and your family a healthy pool pleasure.

Are $ 75.00 for an well educated state of the art pool service a fair deal - we think so!

Just to remember - by joining our membership program you could get up to 20% discount on our service fees. 
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What is included?

  • Test pool water and balance chlorine, ph, alkalinity, calcium and stabilizer
  • Brush water line tile and pool walls
  • Net debris from surface and floor of pool
  • Clean skimmer and pump baskets
  • Clean filter (DE filters are cleaned on an as needed basis)
  • Inspect equipment and advise special maintenance