Lawn - Care

You are using a lawn-care service and are still happy with them?

Try to compare what service you get and what you will be charged for.

Call us and our lawn care professional service manager will visit you - FOR FREE - walk with you together around your yard and provide you an individual quote for a profeesional lawn care service that fits your requests!

Our profession is to fit your needs and offer you the lowest service fees possible.

... and if you wanna save more money, then take a look on our awesome membership program. By joining here - FOR FREE - you can save twice. Up to 20% on the current service fees and additional by joining our referral program. As a joining memeber tell your neighbors and friends about us and participate together about our group rates. 

Our membership program is a win-win-situation for everybody!

What is included?

  • Lawn Mowing around your home
  • String Trimming
  • Edging the borders
  • Blowing the areas clean
  • Decent weed control
  • Lawn Maintenance and professional recommendation


Are you are looking for a healthy maintainted pool?

Did you ever ask your pool guy about his education ...
Our service staff is CPO-licensed! A certified Pool- & Spa-Operator is, by law, alowed to service public pools. This might be the only reference for you that you can believe in a really healthy water quality.
If you believe your pool service company does already a good job, it might be good to know if he really knows what to do to provide you and your family a healthy pool pleasure.

Are $ 75.00 for an well educated state of the art pool service a fair deal - we think so!

Just to remember - by joining our membership program you could get up to 20% discount on our service fees. 
Do you know somebody that might be also interested in this membership program - take a look at our great referral offers ... 

What is included?

  • Test pool water and balance chlorine, ph, alkalinity, calcium and stabilizer
  • Brush water line tile and pool walls
  • Net debris from surface and floor of pool
  • Clean skimmer and pump baskets
  • Clean filter (DE filters are cleaned on an as needed basis)
  • Inspect equipment and advise special maintenance

Home- & House - Service

More needs around your home?

Are you not all the time available to take care of your house?

Do you want somebody to take a weekly, professional look inside and outside ...
Our service staff is just a call away! We visit your property once a week and take a serious look about everything what is going on - Inside and Outside. With our checklist we take care that nothing will be missed during the visual inspection.
Ready and right after the visit we provide you with this report via e-mail!

No more worriesabout what could possibly happen when you are not aware!

What is included?

  • Visual leak and mold check - Inside & Outside
  • Pool- and Landscaping Monitoring
  • Check of proper running A/C, Applicances, Water-Heater
  • Visual check of Screens, Windows, Doors and Garage
  • Running of faucets, dishwasher and disposal every month
  • Remove of Newspapers, Flyers etc. from sight

Our Referral - Program - let's grow together

The more members we are, the stronger is our position - the better are the rates we can fix for everyone!

Let's get it on - we want to grow very fast and so do yourself a favor!

Talk about this membership to your neighbors and friends - they will be happy to save money, too!

We appriciate every refferal of our members that will create a new membership and will honor this with one month of free service either for your pool service or for the lawn care.

Think about what happens if you are one of the first time members and you will make a referral so that your neighbors to the right and left will join too - You will get two full month free of charge for the service that you choose and make your neighbors happy, too. 

This might be a motivation and also a sign how we think about working together - this is more than a business relationship, this will create a partnership!