Membership - makes this sense for me?

YES - let´s come closer and create more than only a business relationship. 

Our membership program offers you access to a lot of special deals. As a member of you participate in our discount program, what offers you up to 20% discount on the current service fees. 

You wanna save more - here you go:

Every joining member also gets the opportunity to reffer new members and benifits by getting one month free of service charge (either lawn care or pool service) for it. So, if you are happy with our service - why not telling the neighbors or friends about it? Let them also know about the opportunities and the program!

But, how did this system work?
Everybody who will join, becomes a member and get's access to every benefit we negotiate for the community.

Save2gether will hire companies of the area that will provide us different services, individually choosen by each member. So if you only want to keep the lawn care, you are free to choose.

It is easy to understand that save2gether, by demand of a package for 100 - 500 let's name it law keeping contracts, will get cheaper rates than anyone of us could ever ngotiate.  

Why becomming a member of the first time?

Take your advantage and get the community growing - the more members we are, the harder it will be to find anybody who isn't joing.

References show that many of the first time members are able to save more than 6 month free of charge service by just telling neighbors and friends how to save some hundred dollars by joining our community.

Remember every refferal of one of our members that creats a new membership will be honored by one free month of either lawn- or pool service for you!

Membership - what are my responsibilities?

Nearly nothing!

The only thing we charge you is a one-time-fee of $ 25 for joining our system. Your membership privileges will stay forever without any further fees!

To join the membership privileges we ask you to sign a 6-month contract for each service. This is the only, but necessarry, element to create a win-win-situation between our members and the service companies. 

Fees for the service are due on the first of each month and that's it!

How do I participate by growing the system?

The goal is to grow the system as much as possible.

By this way save2gether will negotiate the contarcts again and will try to get additional discounts for all members.

Whenever we are able to lower the service fees, all members will participate.

As a benefit and motivation for all members to grow our community together, we offer one month of free service in either the lawn keeping or pool service for every neighbor or friend you bring into our community!

How do I know how many members we are, about pricing?

For sure, this is a serious question!

We offer a price chart that lowers the monthly fees by increasing our community and so you have to know how far we are away from the next price drop.

To make it simple, every member gets access to an exclusive member directory. Here you can easily take a look on the number of members. But don't be afraid about your personal informations - only a number of participating members of every street will be displayed.

In addition to this, we offer a monthly newspaper with the current information about our membership status.

Do we overstress the business owners?

No, this system is a win-win-situation.

We offer the possibility for this companies to focus on one community, other then driving around from one place to the other and wasting time on the street.

Additional we provide only biannual contracts and so our participating service companies get a long lasting agreement that is worth to count on and makes planing much easier. 

The greates advantage might be that they don't have to take care about every customer. Save2gether is the binding element and makes it easier for them to focus on their profession. We pay them on a monthly base and provide every month an updated list of all our participating members that ask for the service. For most of this companies the logistic is one of the hardest parts of business.